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You need a partner to walk with you every step of the way along the path to your financial goals. That’s why we take time to talk before mutually deciding if we are the best fit for your life. With conversation a consistent element of our partnership with you, we are on the same page to help you achieve your unique goals by managing your assets, preserving your wealth and building your financial legacy.

We converse with our clients about their values and goals, relationships and assets, and during market events and market cycles. Through these discussions, and over time, we glean important insights that lead to proactive planning and management of your whole financial life.

Our Process

First, we take time to get to know you face to face. As our conversations progress, we start to build an understanding of your personal goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. Questions such as, “What’s important about money to you?” and “What would you like to achieve with your money?” help us understand your values and goals. We also share information with you to make you aware of our capabilities and how we can potentially help you meet your objectives.

Next, we analyze what you’ve shared and collaborate with your other professional advisors such as your accountant and lawyer if needed. Meanwhile, continuing our conversations with you helps us understand the nuances and timing of your specific needs to create a tailored financial plan geared toward your individual goals and risk tolerance. Reviewing your plan together, with an interactive tool, helps us discuss your goals in more detail, incorporate all of your income sources and assets, and develop a realistic plan.

Along the way, you can visualize your future in real time to see how different decisions, such as choosing to work longer or retire earlier, can affect how confident you feel about your financial future. This also opens the door to discuss priorities and tradeoffs that can be made as we present our recommendations, consider alternatives and outline the steps we need to take to implement your plan.

With your approval, we execute your customized strategy using the extensive research and resources available to us through Raymond James. This involves the selection of specific account types, investment products and optional services, and the handling of all necessary paperwork. Of course, we keep you updated along the way as we make progress bringing your plan to life.

Once your plan is implemented, our work and communications continue. Through regular conversations that can include face-to-face meetings, calls and emails, we stay connected to you and your life. We consistently monitor your plan’s progress relative to your defined objectives, suggest any changes where needed, and provide ongoing reporting of your account activity. We invite you to reach out for guidance on any decision that’s important to you at any time.

“If you don’t take care of your financial foundation, you’re more likely to face avoidable challenges down the road.”

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