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We put ourselves in your shoes.

Have you ever wondered:

Am I saving enough to meet my retirement objectives?

Will I have the retirement I'd hoped for?

Will my children have the financial opportunity to continue their education?

Is my estate plan consistent with my current goals?

Done correctly, personal financial planning helps discover and prioritize your objectives while planning and protecting the future of those closest to you. Now more than ever, doing it right requires the services of a professional team.

Financial Planning Services

Investment management

The earlier you start investing, the more you can accumulate over the course of your lifetime. Through a thorough analysis of your goals, assets and risk tolerance; evaluating your liquidity needs, tax implications, time frame and special circumstances, we'll develop your personalized Investment Plan, make portfolio recommendations, and manage your investments through regular meetings and reports.

Retirement planning

Planning for your retirement can be daunting, both financially and emotionally. Because Social Security accounts for only 27 percent of total aggregate income for aged persons,** Social Security alone may not be enough to confidently achieve your retirement goals. We'll help you understand how the assets you have accumulated can be used efficiently as you transition into retirement. With your help, we design a methodical and sustainable income plan that helps maintain your desired lifestyle for the rest of your years.

Estate planning

We help you formulate a plan for death or incapacity. With an estate plan, we'll help ensure that assets are handled according to your wishes, not state law. We'll assist with guardianship for minor children, manage estate tax consequences, increase your chances for avoiding multiple probates, and reduce potential conflict among family members. We will coordinate with your attorney and accountant to build a comprehensive, written plan for your estate that's compatible with your goals and current legislative environment.

Risk management

There are certain catastrophic events that can derail even the best-laid plans. We'll work to protect continued income for your family in the event of your death or disability by analyzing expenses, obligations and debts. We'll also review your current insurance policies and work with your insurance advisor to help you understand the costs and benefits of effective solutions. We will explore all income sources, including Social Security, to find a solution that offers you flexibility.

Education planning

Savings are the cornerstone of any successful college-financing plan, even if scholarships and loans become part of the picture. We'll perform a thorough cost analysis, evaluating the overall costs of private or public higher education and factoring in grants, work-study, private loans, current income, gifts from grandparents, and other creative cost-cutting measures. From there, we'll craft a funding plan that is appropriate for your situation, including examining the tax incentivized plans available based on tuition needs and type of education.

Tax planning

Our tax planning experience allows us to create an efficient portfolio for you, taking care to stay current in the midst of complexities and frequent law changes. We'll meet with your tax advisor to coordinate tax planning strategies, helping you navigate possible opportunities to save taxes.

**J.P Morgan Asset Management analysis 2019

Raymond James does not offer tax or legal advice or services. Please consult a qualified professional to discuss these matters.