Services tailored to your route in life

Thoughtful planning can help you get a better grasp on your future. Whether you are thinking about retirement, planning your estate or growing your business, we can help you develop a plan to help achieve your financial goals.

Individual Retirement Planning »
Because people are living longer today, the possibility of going 30 years without a paycheck takes careful retirement planning and disciplined investing. Once in retirement, preserving your wealth and maintaining your lifestyle are likely among your highest priorities. You aspire to stay in your home as long as you want and be able to leave behind the legacy you had envisioned. We can help you prepare for this most significant milestone in life.
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Financial Planning »
There’s much more to your life than simple transactions and returns. Similarly, there’s more to financial planning than just a portfolio and a retirement strategy. You have many things to plan for now, soon and well into the future, so we look at financial planning through a wide lens, and we develop strategies designed to help keep you confident in the present while helping you reach your near- and long-term goals.
Business Retirement Plans »
A well-constructed corporate retirement plan is an ideal way for businesses to attract and retain quality employees, as well as help owners plan and save for their own futures. We can help you establish and manage your plan.
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Legacy & Estate Planning »
Whether it’s providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren, or leaving money to your favorite charity, proper estate planning can help ensure that the assets accumulated over your lifetime are preserved for the use you have intended.

A well-designed estate plan can effectively help mitigate your family’s tax burden. We can offer financial strategies designed to help efficiently manage the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and minimize related tax issues.

By coordinating our efforts with your tax and legal professionals and working closely with you and your family, we will strive to help you establish a financial tradition that can be passed on for generations.
Advisory & Cash Management »
We believe that a good strategy is the result of a well-conceived plan, so we plan intelligently to help you preserve the wealth you’ve already built while pursuing opportunities for growth. Through Raymond James Bank, we offer ways to access your cash and earn interest on funds awaiting investment.

Our cash management services include:
  • Lending services*
  • Traditional fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Interest-only mortgages
  • Construction loans
  • Tax planning (utilizing lines of credit and home equity)*
  • Cash “sweep” to brokerage account
  • Rewards program
  • Online account access
  • Check writing
  • Overdraft protection
  • Automatic payment/fund transfer
  • Visa® debit card

*Products, terms and conditions subject to change. Subject to standard credit criteria. Property insurance required. Flood insurance may be required. Call Raymond James Bank for rates and other information.

Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, N.A., member FDIC. Unless otherwise specified, products purchased from or held at Raymond James & Associates or Raymond James Financial Services are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of Raymond James Bank, are not guaranteed by Raymond James Bank and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested.

Equal Housing Lender Credit and Lending

Choosing the right lending program is as integral a part of the financial planning equation as investing. Through the services of Raymond James Bank, we can help you meet your financing needs.

Lending services*
  • Traditional fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Interest-only mortgages
  • Construction loans
  • Securities lending

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A securities based line of credit may not be suitable for all clients. The proceeds from a Securities based Line of Credit cannot be used to purchase or carry margin securities. Borrowing on securities based lending products and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan. The securities in the pledged account(s) may be sold to meet the collateral call, and the firm can sell the client’s securities without contacting them. The interest rates charged are determined by the market value of pledged assets and Capital Access. Securities Based Line of Credit provided by Raymond James Bank. Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank.

Tax Planning »
We take a tax-sensitive approach to financial planning and work with you and your other professional advisors – accountants and tax attorneys, for instance – to help minimize the impact of taxes.

Please note: changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and, as financial advisors of Raymond James, we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

Charitable Giving »
Through the resources offered by Raymond James, we can help you create a charitable giving plan that not only helps the organizations you’re passionate about, but also has the potential to generate personal tax benefits and further your overall wealth management plan.