We base our relationship on four fundamental values:

  • Communication – Open, honest and often

Communication that is proactive, educational, and two way. We have internal processes that result in availability and consistency. We desire to have regular meetings, phone conversations and email communication with our clients to keep them informed about their plans & the markets, as well as to stay informed about the important events in their lives.

  • Competence – Expert and unbiased

With 28 years of combined experience in wealth management, our team consists of three financial advisors. Through continuing education and due diligence meetings, we are constantly updating and increasing our knowledge of the financial markets. We do not use any proprietary products but rather a fee based model ensuring our clients receive impartial advice.

  • Collaboration – You, others and us

Collaboration with our clients, with industry experts and within our team. We are not wealth managers who take control, but wealth navigators that guide and provide advice. We seek to engage clients in creating and monitoring an individualized plan to meet their goals. As such, we collaborate with tax, legal, investment & economic experts.

  • Community – Family, friends and causes

Our Community needs our involvement in local charities and organizations that we believe will enrich the lives of our clients and our families. Go to our In Our Community page to see what charities we support.