Process: We use the compass to help you navigate your financial life.

North – Net Worth

  • What do you use as your North Star to track your progress?
    Identifying and listing all of the components (assets + liabilities) of your financial life provides a stable baseline, or North Star, to follow and track your progress.

East – Goals and Investments

  • When the sun rises in the east, where are you headed?
    We listen to and assess your specific financial goals to create a robust, stress-tested plan to achieve them with minimal investment risk, even during a stormy market.

South – Risk Management

  • Are you protected when things go south?
    We review and catalog what protection you have in place for risks that could capsize your net worth and financial goals that you worked so hard for.

West – Legacy Plan

  • When the sun sets and the day ends, how will your journey be remembered?
    We catalog the important components of your estate documents or recommend that you consult with an attorney to draft them. Then we ensure that a detailed plan is in place to pass your assets, values and legacy on to the next generation.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected, including diversification and asset allocation.