Our team provides advice to help preserve and grow wealth through:

  • UNDERSTANDING our clients’ goals and global financial markets

Everything we do begins with our clients' individual and unique goals. While many people have similar macro objectives (education, retirement, legacy) we have found that every person prioritizes various aspects differently. We spend a substantial amount of time getting to know you and your values so that we can tailor our ongoing advice to you.

The global markets never sleep and we recognize they cause many people to lose sleep as well. Our role as your investment professional is to be in touch with leading market strategies and economists to understand what is going on around the world and how it may potentially impact your plan. With our training and our time we decipher the news from the noise and communicate clearly on actions that we feel are appropriate and prudent.

  • Personalized and comprehensive FINANCIAL PLANNING

Our experiences tells us that people tend to either spend without concern for the future while hoping it all works out or they save and stockpile out of fear they will run out. Through our four part financial planning process we endeavor to replace hope and fear with information that can be used to make important financial decisions. Our Wealth Navigation Plans include a current Net Worth Statement, Risk Management Plan and Legacy Plan outline. We then build trajectory analysis to forecast retirement spending sustainability. In the end, each of our clients has a living, active four part financial plan that is useful to reference and reflect on when important decisions arise.

  • INVESTMENT STRATEGIES seeking to minimize costs, taxes and risks

Investments have grown more and more complex overtime with the rise of technology and the information age. We use a variety of investment tools to construct our portfolios. We fundamentally believe in diversification, losing less when possible and professional management. Clear communication on the strategies we employ is crucial so that our clients feel engaged and empowered as they direct their investments.


The totality of what we offer our clients can best be summed up in the word relationship and no relationship is successful without a healthy quantity and high quality of communication. Our communication policy starts with minimum expectations for meetings and review calls but is rounded out with our open door policy. We are never too busy to talk with our clients. If we are otherwise engaged when you call we will return your call or email at our next available time. We enjoy talking with and spending time with our clients. We hear plenty of stories of advisors who "seemed to0 busy for me" or "never called me". We work very hard to make sure our clients have the communication they expect and deserve.

Please keep in mind that diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.