Cornell Johnson Financial Group

Combining the strengths and experience of our team with the broad resources of Raymond James, we offer a variety of planning services designed to preserve all you’ve achieved in the present and prepare for a future full of even more success.

Investment Planning
From accumulation to conservation and finally distribution, our team offers a strategic, long-term view of investment planning. We create comprehensive, strategic portfolios designed to meet your needs at each stage of your life – taking care of the present while preparing for the future.

Retirement Services
Whether you’re still in the earliest stages of saving or you’re approaching the end of a successful career, we can help you assess your options and plan for each phase of a rewarding retirement.

Risk Management
Risk is an inevitable part of investing, but with open communication and strategic planning, it can be effectively managed. Through our discussions and ongoing relationship with you, we’ll help you define your unique tolerance for risk and assemble a portfolio based on the level you’re comfortable with.

Estate Planning
For many, the ultimate goal of financial planning is to leave a legacy that carries on into the future and serves as a testament to a life well lived. By working closely with you, your family and your other professional advisors, we can help you leave a lasting mark on the people you love and the causes you hold dear.

Trust Services
After all that has gone into building your estate, ensuring that it is properly managed to provide for your needs and pass smoothly to your heirs is vital. Through Raymond James, we give you access to an experienced team specially qualified to meet a wide variety of personal trust needs.

Learn more about the trust services offered by Raymond James Trust N.A.

Charitable Giving
We believe that giving back is an important part of life – and investing. Our team can work with you to create a charitable giving strategy designed to benefit you and your family while providing critical support to the causes you’re passionate about.