Investing with RJTCF

Affordable housing encompasses many things, including a significant social impact. That’s what inspires us to provide resources to developers of low-income tax credit housing and also to help underwrite investments in communities across the United States.

Raymond James Tax Credit Funds has the ability, expertise and flexibility to identify, assess and select outstanding opportunities. Completed through our fund offerings under Section 42 of the IRS code, our successful work in this highly specialized market is founded on stringent underwriting standards, industry expertise, and the presence and extensive resources of Raymond James.

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Investing to Help People

Excellence in Asset Management

We are dedicated to delivering professional, responsible and comprehensive asset management services recognized by investors and developers alike as being among the very best in the business.

At RJTCF, we don’t simply work with uncompromising dedication, but also with thoughtful intention. That’s why our asset management, accounting and reporting functions are standalone, profitable operations – separate from our acquisitions and investment operations.

Our asset management group performs over the life of our existing funds, even in the absence of any new funds, and is capitalized with sustainable asset management to meet our long-term fiduciary obligations. With a state-of-the-art, proprietary IT platform, our asset managers can proactively focus on problem resolution instead of identification. The team is leveraged by our accounting team and system capabilities to provide quality data and to help spot performance trends early.


Brian Lynch - Vice President, Asset Management

CJ Baier - Vice President, Portfolio Management

Reporting Services

As a fiduciary, Raymond James focuses on timely investor reporting and generation of tax returns and audits. In that regard, we deliver timely information and tax documentation to our investor partners – without exception.

In 2015, 100% of K-1s and 99% of audits were delivered on or before their due dates.

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Toni Matthews – Chief Financial Officer

Feasibility and Underwriting

You’ll find experienced specialists at each phase of the property life cycle. These teams are fully independent of our originations group, helping ensure an objective evaluation for each project.

Knowledgeable feasibility teams analyze the viability of each project by reviewing detailed information on items including the market, capital structure, development plans and operating budgets, with a focus on real estate matters.

The underwriting team follows each project from the initial letter of intent through the final capital contribution. Focusing on deal execution, the team makes sure deal-specific issues are adequately addressed and all tax and legal requirements are properly met.


Sam Shupe, Senior Vice President, Director of Feasibility

Rick Cargo, Chief Operating Officer