Equity-Linked Securities

The Equity-Linked Capital Markets group at Raymond James provides capital raising solutions and advisory services to corporate clients and provides sales and trading services for institutional and retail investors.

Capital Markets / Advisory

The Equity-Linked Capital Markets team works closely with public companies to originate, structure and execute equity-linked financings such as convertible debt, convertible preferred, and other structured equity or equity-linked PIPES. The team prides itself on offering specialized, objective advice regarding all aspects of a company's existing capital structure, including convertible debt restructuring, open-market debt repurchases, private debt-for-equity exchanges, public tender and exchange offers, and other early redemption strategies.

Sales and Trading

The Raymond James Equity-Linked Sales and Trading team utilizes nearly 50 years of combined experience to service the needs of both institutional and retail clients. In addition to providing secondary market liquidity, the team is instrumental in the distribution of the equity-linked products originated by the Capital Markets Team.

Our Institutional Sales Trading team covers more than 150 financial institutions and focuses on providing sound, fundamentally based investment advice that is primarily focused on Raymond James Equity Research.

The Retail Sales Trading team specializes in servicing the equity-linked needs of the firm’s approximately 6,500 financial advisors on both a principal and agency basis.