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Raymond James and Fannie Mae Collaboration

Raymond James Mortgage Company has developed industry-leading analytics that bring transparency to the loan portfolio held on your balance sheet.

Our History with Fannie Mae

Raymond James has a relationship with Fannie Mae spanning more than 30 years. This relationship is built on our mutual commitment to serving secondary market funding needs. Not only do we focus on bringing liquidity, we also help banks and credit unions understand the options available for their loan portfolios and ultimately their balance sheets. Through our collaboration with Fannie Mae, you have access to valuable resources, attractive secondary market execution and a focus on constant improvement.

Why Choose Raymond James?

Raymond James is a dedicated partner that understands your needs and is ready to help meet them. By listening to clients and creating exceptional processes, we’ve developed a best-in-class operation that has become an industry leader. We are here to complement the high-quality service offered by Fannie Mae.

  • Industry-leading Analytics We focus on several items when analyzing portfolios in an effort to provide a concise management report, including but not limited to:
    • Pricing and rate shock analysis
    • Interest rate risk
    • Refinance/prepayment risk
    • Credit risk
    • Property values
    • Servicing values

Not only does this report provide clarity to the loan portfolio, it also allows you to evaluate current lending criteria, assess balance sheet risk for regulators, and better understand your sale and securitization options.

  • Outstanding Customer Service – Providing exceptional service is our primary goal. We have identified those parts of the loan sale process that can be challenging and time-consuming for our clients. By creating teams focused on these areas, unnecessary stress can be removed. Our clients have confirmed that our streamlined processes have greatly improved their experience.
    • Underwriting Our desk will underwrite your potential portfolio for sale and provide loan-level underwriting feedback. This helps all parties completely understand the portfolio being considered for sale.
    • Contracts and Legal Due to the large volume of deals Raymond James has facilitated over the years, we have developed comprehensive legal documents to help simplify the transaction process. This provides our clients with a starting point to work closely with their own legal counsel to come to a successful set of agreements that both parties can mutually agree upon.
    • Funding/Closing – We maintain a mortgage funding and closing department. We assist our clients in the accounting for closing balances, accrued interest, collateral delivery, and post-closing/trailing documents. In addition, we will provide an opinion of value on any mortgage servicing rights (MSR) at point of sale and on an ongoing basis for our clients.

Who is Raymond James?

Raymond James Mortgage Company Inc., a fixed income division of Raymond James, has been active in the secondary loan market for more than 30 years. We understand the challenges depositories are facing in their loan portfolios. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service through analytics utilizing our vast industry knowledge.

The information contained herein is solely intended to facilitate discussion of potentially applicable financing applications and is not intended to be a specific buy/sell recommendation, nor is it an official confirmation of terms. Raymond James shall have no liability, contingent or otherwise, to the recipient hereof or to any third party, or any responsibility whatsoever, for the accuracy, correctness, timeliness, reliability or completeness of the data or formulae provided herein or for the performance of or any other aspect of the materials, structures and strategies presented.

Raymond James does not provide accounting, tax or legal advice; however, you should be aware that any proposed transaction could have accounting, tax, legal or other implications that should be discussed with your advisors and/or legal counsel.

Raymond James and affiliates, officers, directors and employees thereof, including individuals who may be involved in the preparation or presentation of this material, may from time to time have positions in and buy or sell the securities, derivatives (including options) or other financial products of entities mentioned herein. In addition, Raymond James or affiliates thereof may have served as an underwriter or placement agent with respect to a public or private offering of securities by one or more of the entities referenced herein.