What a fortunate life so many of us are living, and what great opportunities we have had to learn from those around us! In my early business career, I witnessed the results of bad judgements and poor investment decisions that led to the demise of a 100-year-old business and a small family fortune. But at the same time, I also witnessed, and even benefited personally from a trust that helped educate and travel 5 generations!

As a result, over our 19 years in the investment business, we have created a true ‘Life Span” approach to the way we manage portfolios and help folks plan. From Education Planning for early generations, to retirement planning for our boomers, and a legacy approach for our Senior clients, our goals for our clients are all about planning for the future while living the best financial life we can today and helping to preserve wealth for legacy overall.

I invite you to join us and learn how to match your portfolio to your risk personality so that what you invest in has a personal fit.

For you, for your family, and for generations to come.