Bethany Beebe
Bethany Beebe, AAMS™ Financial Advisor

Bethany has a history with the financial industry and investing. She credits her interest in the financial services industry to her father, a financial advisor, who she believes has a comprehensive understanding of the markets and business ownership. Throughout his career, his goal was to help families & individuals pursue their financial goals. She also credits her interest in the field to her mother, who always emphasized the importance of being able to take care of yourself, especially as a woman, through hard work and investing. Her parents made sure she always understood the power of investing. Bethany believes that offering financial guidance to others can truly impact their lives.

Prior to joining her father at Craig Capital Wealth Management Raymond James, Bethany was impacting lives in another manner as a teacher at a local district for over a decade. The decision to move her passion for teaching others from the classroom to the financial realm wasn’t difficult. The combination of her love for teaching and her interest in helping others makes her a valuable resource for our clients. Her goal is to provide personalized strategies and to create strong relationships with her clients.

Bethany lives in Maineville, Ohio with her husband and her two boys. When she isn’t in the office, she loves traveling, reading, and enjoying the outdoors with her family. Bethany also serves as an advisory board member with Funding the Future, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to educate students across the country on the importance of making smart financial decisions.

Raymond James is not affiliated with Funding the Future.