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Carolyn A. Daigler
Relationship Manager, PWM

Carolyn originally joined Plail Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch in 2014 as the team’s relationship manager. She approaches her role with enthusiasm that is not only contagious to those around her, but often inspires those who interact with her. After seven years with Plail Wealth Management at Merrill, she devotedly and excitedly assisted the team with its transition to be an affiliate of Crux Wealth Advisors, serving clients in the same position she loves.

Carolyn checks in with our clients regularly and keeps an open communication line to ensure their needs are met regarding their financial plans and goals. She also has a small group of clients whom she manages and provides guidance. Carolyn aims to lighten the load of others by assisting with online access and resolving client-related issues. Additionally, she coordinates client meetings, handles various administrative duties and keeps a constant pulse on our team and clients.

The power of a well-functioning team motivates Carolyn. She enjoys collaborating and working diligently with each team member to reach the best possible outcome for each of our clients. To do so, she aims to fully understand everything possible about our clients to establish strong, meaningful relationships built on trust and empathy.

Before joining our team, Carolyn gained valuable experience in the financial industry. She began her career with ClientLogic, where she spent ten years as a client service manager / IT project manager, where she had extensive project management and client service experience responsibilities. Carolyn had also held the positions of finance manager and dealer support manager when working in the auto industry. After a short stint at Bank of America, where she had a chance opportunity to work with Jon Plail in a pilot program, she joined our team because of the prospect to work with someone who shared the same passion for helping and doing the right thing for others.

Carolyn Daigler

My children are my absolute pride and joy! My oldest son, Nicholas, and his wife, Megan, recently moved back to Buffalo from Washington D.C., and it has been wonderful to have them close by. Nicholas and Megan work in the events industry, and Nicholas recently started his own business. My younger son, Christian, and his wife, Julia, are building their careers serving in the United States Air Force. As their mom, I couldn't be more delighted to watch them grow and establish themselves into their successful careers.

Home is my ultimate happy place. I love to cook, try out new recipes, work outside in my yard, and even shovel snow! I also like to keep active and enjoy the outdoors. I love to go for walks and take bike rides – anything that keeps me moving!

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