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Claire Alexander
Director of Operations, CWA Financial Advisor, RJFS

In this fast-paced industry, stability is essential to efficient and successful business operations. This is where Claire’s task-oriented approach, along with her impeccable organization skills, allows Crux Wealth Advisors to streamline all business efforts. As the Director of Operations for CWA, Claire brings a specialized set of skills to her role. She naturally gravitates toward taking on many responsibilities at once, which prepared her for the nonstop pace that her position requires. 

Before joining Crux Wealth Advisors, she started at Ameriprise Financial where she worked her way up to become a Financial Advisor. Helping others has always been a top priority for Claire, and she considers herself fortunate to work in a career where she can play a part in assisting others to establish financial stability.

Claire enjoys the diversity of her role, meaning that no two days are the same. She is invested in the organization and works tirelessly to give Crux Wealth Advisors the tools that will help to ensure the well-being of clients. Her positive attitude is contagious and is carried throughout the organization. In addition to running operations, Claire is also the leading team member for insurance services. 

She understands the industry and therefore knows how to operate the business in a way that will work best for clients and the Crux Wealth Advisors team. Claire graduated from Mississippi State University in 2013. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the School of Human Sciences, with minors in business administration and marketing. 

Claire Alexander

Growing up on a farm in Mississippi shaped me into the driven person I am today, but I always knew that I wanted to eventually leave and make an impact on something bigger than myself. After graduating college, I was fortunate to earn a number of fantastic internships and job opportunities, which led me to California. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that pursuing my dreams meant I had to leave home. 

Now that California is home, I’m incredibly lucky to have built a life with my husband, Travis. We married in August 2017 and together we’ve enjoyed our busy lives and embraced spontaneous adventures. Whether it is traveling, hiking, fishing, camping, snowboarding or exploring new places near and far, remaining active is crucial to me. 

Our active lifestyle keeps us on the go, but family remains our highest priority. Thankfully, technology doesn’t allow the miles to distance us. You can frequently find me FaceTiming my nephew, Camden. Another important family member you will see lounging around the office is our King Charles Spaniel, Delanie. She brings great joy to our lives!

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