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Ginger Baker
Financial Advisor, RJFS Relationship Manager, BFG

Ginger joined Bailey Financial Group, an affiliate of Crux Wealth Advisors (2022), located in Buffalo, NY, in 2000 as a Financial Advisor and Relationship Manager. She focuses on goal-setting financial planning and building strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Ginger enjoys working with various clients, from those who are still establishing their short- and long-term goals in a small, personalized setting to those who have defined their vision for the future. Throughout the process, she works alongside other professionals and her client's family members to ensure a holistic and defined plan is accomplished.

Ginger is a clear communicator, and the conversations around defining goals excite her. She encourages her clients to think outside of the box, allowing them to open up and develop a clear realization of their goals and priorities for retirement and financial planning. From establishing relationships by listening carefully to each client’s story, crafting a customized plan, and continually reassessing and adjusting strategies as needed, she enjoys the process that her role requires to provide practical yet strategic guidance. Ginger is known for her transparency and honesty, characteristics that she believes are most important and correlate to our client's success.

Before joining our team, she began her career in 1997 with LPL Financial, where she was able to gain the necessary experience and establish herself in the industry. In 2000 Ginger transitioned to our team as a Registered Associate and worked her way up to the roles she holds today. Ginger has gained additional experience as a Financial Advisor at UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo Advisors. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Buffalo State College.

Ginger Baker

I have lived my entire life in Buffalo and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors and take every chance I get to spend time in the fresh air, whether that means taking a walk or a bike ride. I also like to keep active and give back to the community that I love so much. I frequently do volunteer work that is organized through my church. I also have a soft spot for animals and believe they are an essential part of our lives.

My family means the world to me, and I feel so lucky to have them as my champions who have built such a strong foundation for me, which continues today despite our geographical distance. I often travel to Wilmington, NC, to visit my mom, dad, and brother, along with my two nieces and a nephew.

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