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Sarah Branstetter
Client Service Associate

Sarah initially joined the Lumen Wealth Group, an affiliate office of Crux Wealth Advisors, through an internship in 2019. She quickly became a valuable member of our team and adapted to the fast-paced nature of the financial industry. Sarah transitioned to a full-time role as a Client Service Associate with ease because she has the essential qualities that our team values. These qualities include a commitment to working in a team-focused environment, clear communication skills, and a dedication to delivering the best customer experience possible.

In her position, Sarah ensures that all account transfers and cash administrative functions operations run smoothly. She also manages the scheduling and preparation of client review meetings and events. Our clients rely upon and know Sarah for her clear and timely updates on important and relevant information, and she takes pride in her effective communication skills and prompt follow-up.

Before beginning her career in the financial industry, Sarah served as an Account Analyst and handled all aspects of the budget transfers, contingency reports, and client relations. Her work and volunteer experience expanded into areas of the science, finance, and education industries. Sarah received a Bachelor of Science in Financial Actuarial Mathematics with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Sarah Branstetter

I enjoy keeping active both in and outside of the office. When I’m not at work, I can often be found enjoying the many opportunities outdoors. I have an unwavering passion for being active in my local community, and I fulfill that through being active in my church. It brings me so much joy to give back and cultivate a deeper connection with my community.

I also enjoy live music, mental and physical health advocacy, and bettering myself, both professionally and personally. I love to learn. I’m always looking for new opportunities to grow as an individual, meet new people, and expand my perspective and understanding that will allow me to improve myself.

Sarah Branstetter