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Susan Parisi
Client Services Manager

Susan joined Bailey Financial Group, an affiliate of Crux Wealth Advisors (2022), located in Buffalo, NY, in 2002 as a Client Services Manager. Her role on our team provides efficient and effective business operations, from processing reports promptly to managing inquiries and ensuring our client's customer service expectations are exceeded.

Her understanding of our client's needs, the industry, and her reputation as a reliable and trustworthy resource make Susan a key member of our team. She is often our client's first point of contact, positioning her to set a positive impression and tone due to her professionalism and impeccable attention to detail.

Susan's expertise in the areas of customer service and operations allows us to consistently provide valuable and meaningful experiences for our clients as the operations that occur behind the scenes are crucial to the success of our clients and advisors. Susan earned an Associate's degree in Accounting from Erie Community College.

Susan Parisi

I am originally from a town outside of Buffalo called Cheektowaga. I love living in this part of the country because of the beautiful landscape and the many opportunities available. My husband, Sam, and I enjoy keeping active by going for hikes and bike rides. 

We also cherish our time with family. I consider myself very lucky to live close to my family so that we can get together often and enjoy our time with each other. I also have grandchildren in North Carolina, and I look forward to each moment I get to spend with them.

I also think I'm fortunate to have a career that I enjoy so much and find incredibly fulfilling due to my relationships with our clients and my coworkers.

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