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Travis Alexander, MBA, CRPC®
President, CWA Financial Advisor, RJFS

There was never a question in Travis’ mind if he would open his own wealth management practice, but when. Travis spent many years working in large financial corporations, as a financial advisor, to gain the proper training and experience before making the decision to form his own practice in 2007.

Throughout his career, Travis has launched and maintained several successful small businesses. Although building a business from the ground up is both challenging and rewarding, Travis’ drive, in both his professional and personal life, comes from his desire to support his family.

Travis’ strong entrepreneurial spirit played a major role in forming Crux Wealth Advisors. He shaped the model to align with the passions and values in his own life, and he wants his clients to be afforded the same opportunities because of his unwavering commitment to family, health, leadership, community and helping others establish wealth.

The holistic approach that Travis developed for Crux Wealth Advisors guides clients to make the best possible financial decisions for the rest of their lives. Leading this process energizes Travis since the success of his clients allows his practice to improve and grow. One of Travis’ mentors explained to him that finance is the language of business. Thus, to be successful in business, you must understand finance. Travis frequently reminds himself of this philosophy and also applies it to his clients to ensure they are comfortable and educated throughout their time working with Crux Wealth Advisors.

Travis earned his MBA from Gonzaga University and a bachelor’s degree from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication from Arizona State University.

Travis Alexander

I grew up in Washington State and now reside in both Edmonds, WA and Long Beach, CA. Family is and always has been my number one priority. Everything I do in life points back to how I can better serve and support my family. I’m incredibly fortunate to have married my wife, Claire, in August 2017. We hold the same values and priorities about family.

Most of my childhood memories consist of outdoor family activities. In fact, my mom often jokes that I learned to walk on a boat. Today, I still maintain the active lifestyle that was instilled in me at a young age. In our free time, you’ll usually find Claire and me hiking in a forest, boating on a lake, or working out in the gym.

I also focus a significant part of my business and personal life to community involvement and volunteer work. I volunteer and participate in fundraising and educational efforts for the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, Leukemia &: Lymphoma Society, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America and the Ronald McDonald House, among others.

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