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The differences that really add up

Lighthouse at Dusk

We know that we’re not the only people around who do what we do, but we pride ourselves in doing so unlike many others. Here are the differentiators that set us apart, help us stand out, and above all, allow us to serve our clients in the best way we know how.

There is nothing more personal than one’s financial details. We work to develop deep relationships with our clients so they can feel comfortable with us and the advice we give – and know that we are truly on their side and looking out for their best interests. We find it gratifying that many of our client relationships have developed into personal friendships over the years.

There is strength in numbers, particularly when it involves sharing financial wisdom and personal perspective that comes from having more than a century of combined experience. Each member of our team brings something to the table and is fully committed to serving the financial needs of you and your family. Why settle for a sole practitioner when you can have so much more?

Your life is so much more than just your investment portfolio. That’s why our approach to managing your financial life involves much more than just your investments. Holistic planning means looking at the big picture, and then tending to every detail from planning your estate to helping you send your kids or grandkids to college.

We don’t talk down to our clients or talk over their heads by using financial jargon they won’t understand. There is an unmistakable sense of calmness, honesty and integrity in our personal approach. We are ever-committed and never complacent when it comes to serving our clients.

We know our clients understand the value we bring to their lives, and they appreciate that we are fair in the compensation we seek in return.

The Michigan way of life is certainly worth preserving. We feel privileged to live and work here, and raise our families in such an idyllic manner. We know that the best way to help our community flourish is to help one family or individual at a time. It gives us an even deeper sense of purpose to do so.