• Garland Davis II

    Registered Principal

Garland R. Davis, II (G. R.) grew up on a cattle farm in Elkton, VA. Early on he knew working eight days a week with Mother Nature as boss was not his calling. However, he did cherish the idea of owning his own business someday. G. R. observed his father’s hard work and honest approach in dealing with many different people and admired his modest success exercising the Golden Rule every day. Senior may have tended a different kind of stock, but the lessons learned can be valuable in many careers.

G.R. knew he wanted to be a pharmacist after high school. Science dominated his early studies, but he soon determined counting pills for a living was not for him. Owning a pharmacy with a lunch counter and gift shop was not likely to happen either. Changing his major after more than a couple semesters resulted in cramming four years into five at Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina. A bachelor of business administration degree with a trust management and financial planning concentration along with a minor in chemistry was the result in 1999.

Nearly five years were spent with Bank of America’s Private Bank (trust group) mostly in Los Angeles, but also in Richmond and Lynchburg. Trust administration, client service, teamwork, and personal financial management skills were developed during this time. The opportunity to return to the Shenandoah Valley presented itself in 2004. Without hesitation G. R. joined Planters Trust in Staunton, Virginia. During these first seven years G. R. learned the tried and true, long-term investment strategies synonymous with trust accounts. He credits several old and crusty portfolio managers with helping to shape his Business Principals.

In 2006, G. R. decided he could best serve his clients as a registered securities professional. He joined a regional brokerage warehouse, passed the tests, began building a client base, and learned the ropes. Shortly after his 5th anniversary, G. R. decided to take another brave step when he left the warehouse to become an independent financial advisor. Since 2011 he had enjoyed running his own business just like his dad. This allows him to focus on doing what is right for his clients and finding his own modest success.

G.R. lives near Spring Hill with his lovely wife and their two beautiful daughters. He visits various churches and maintains memberships in several civic organizations. Helping others, gardening, golf, homesteading, and striving to be the best dad and husband he can be consume most of his free time.