What sets us apart from the average financial firm

We have identified several things that make us unique and enable us to consistently provide an unsurpassed client experience.

We have built our practice around serving multigenerational families.

More than 75% of our client relationships are made up of families that span over three generations. We understand the nature of family dynamics and the unique issues wealthy families face, and most important, we have specialized knowledge and experience in holistically addressing all relevant wealth management needs.

We relate well to business owners because our team members come from families with diverse, family-owned businesses.

We have a thorough understanding of their needs and concerns and have the empathy and ability to serve them competently and thoroughly.

We understand the needs and nature of institutions.

As civic-minded members of our community, we are proud of our experience in assisting nonprofits, endowments and foundations with customized investment advice and strategic long-term planning.

We offer an uncommon level of client service.

We build professional client relationships in a highly personal manner. We work with clients one-on-one to address and resolve issues and pursue their goals. Communication and education are tailored to each client. This takes a sizable commitment of time and resources on our part, and it’s precisely why we limit the size of our client list.

We are a collaborative team sharing individual areas of expertise.

This allows for greater specialization in the specific areas that are important to our clients. Team members share their expertise in areas such as financial planning, fixed income investments, asset allocation and investment strategy. Our approach also includes checks and balances that allow us to review each other’s work.