Learning about you as a person and an investor

Knowing about you and the financial objectives you want to accomplish is a critical first step in personalizing a financial plan to you. This is the purpose and goal of our first meeting. We will talk openly with you about our experience and capabilities, and hope you’ll speak candidly about your financial matters and goals for the future.

We’ll endeavor to learn about your attitude toward investing and the level of risk you are comfortable in taking. To help ensure that both you and our team get the most out of this meeting, we ask that you bring some items along to your first visit to our office including:

  • A net worth and/or cash flow statement
  • Declaration pages from your insurance policies
    (health, life, disability, property, etc.)
  • Tax returns (previous two years)
  • Wills and trust documents
  • Loan terms (maturity, interest rate, etc.)
  • Investment/bank account statements, IRA and 401(k) statements