The trusted pilot

Greg Pavlyak

Financial Advisor, Raymond James Financial Services
T: 785.841.9517

Greg joined the company in 2009, after spending five years as an airline captain and serving honorably for 10 years as an active duty naval officer and pilot. His love of the skies serves him well as a military flight instructor in the reserves. During his flying career, he began to train as a financial planning consultant, eventually managing investments and personal finances for his fellow aviators. He realized early on that being an educated investor can serve as the basis for sound, financial decision-making, and he approaches financial planning with integrity and intelligence.

Now, Greg's financial consulting is an integral part of DMKA. He works closely with clients on business development, investment strategy and research, as well as with other advisors in all aspects of the company's operations. Community-oriented, Greg is actively involved as a commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, part of the Knights of Columbus and with the Kaw Valley Blue Eagles, which named him 2011 Aviator of the Year. His free time is spent with friends and family, especially his wife of 16 years and their three children.