Client Service: The Key to Financial Success

Step 1: Establishing Financial Goals

Whether you’re savings for a major purchase like a car or home or setting money aside for longer term goal like college and retirement, we can help you decide where you’re headed and what’s important to you.

Step 2: Evaluation

Before you can move forward, we must first evaluate where you are. What are your current spending habits? Are you taking advantage of your employer 401k plans and other benefits? Do you have enough life insurance? Do you have a will? How are your current investments doing?

After an initial appointment, we will be able to sort through and independently evaluate your current situation to help decide what is doing well and where there need to be changes made to put you in a stronger financial position.

Step 3: Creating a Financial Plan

Everyone’s situation is unique and so is their plan. We will work hard to develop a plan that is reasonable, affordable, easy to understand and designed personally to help you accomplish your specific financial goals.

Step 4: Plan Implementation

We are here to guide and counsel you as you implement your new financial plan. It’s difficult to change spending habits. Having someone to encourage and direct you along the way is invaluable.

Step 5: Plan Follow-up

You will likely have many questions about your investments. How do they work ? How are they affected by economic factors around us?

In addition, things will change; not only in the financial field but in your life as well. Most people get a check up regularly to keep up on their physical health. Your financial health is no different. A regular check up, to be sure you're on track, helps to insure that you accomplish your goals.