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Investment Flexibility

Raymond James Capital structures transactions to meet the needs of all parties including operating management and selling shareholders. Our typical investment structures include:


A recapitalization is a partial sale of a company that allows the business owner to take some chips off the table, yet continue to participate in the future value of the business. We recapitalize companies in a wide range of industries, but are particularly attracted to manufacturing, value-added distribution businesses and service businesses with recurring revenues and repetitive customer relationships. A recapitalization can provide:

  • Partial current liquidity,
  • Elimination of personal guarantees for the company’s debt obligations,
  • A significant retained-equity interest for future value appreciation,
  • Flexibility in estate planning to minimize taxes,
  • Continued operating autonomy and
  • Additional capital to fund sensible growth opportunities.

Management buyouts

We assist management in the acquisition of an operating division or subsidiary of a larger company or with the purchase of a private company. We provide strategic, financial and consulting services and the capital to enable management to successfully complete a transaction that results in liquidity for the current owners, yet provides management with the ability to maintain the company's independence.


We buy private companies or operating divisions/subsidiaries of larger companies and recruit new management, if necessary – especially if current management wants to pursue different activities.