Evans Financial Group & Cornerstone Retirement Advisors, Inc. Announced the Planned Merger of Their Business Operations

Evans Financial Group and Cornerstone Retirement Advisors, Inc. have announced today the planned merger of their financial service practices while continuing their affiliation with Raymond James Financial Services. Cornerstone will acquire the Evans assets, people and customer accounts and the merged business will operate as Cornerstone Retirement Advisors, Inc.

Barry Evans, founder and President of Evans Financial Group, will continue offering his 47+ years of investment and insurance experience to clients.  Evans commented “Cornerstone’s acquisition of Evans Financial Group provides a major growth opportunity for both our businesses through an extended service reach and depth for our clients.   For the past few years many of my clients have asked what would happen if I became seriously ill, disabled, or in the worst-case scenario, I died.  Believe me, it has been a concern of mine as well.  I have always valued my client relationships and wanted to be certain that if something did happen to me my clients would be cared for in the same way as in the past. I believe this merger does just that.”  Evans will retain his title as President while serving as Chief Investment Officer within Cornerstone.

Gary Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Retirement Advisors, Inc. and an investment executive with Raymond James Financial Services, will bring his BBA in Finance from The George Washington University, Washington D.C., Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) From Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University and nearly 25 years of investment and insurance experience to Evans’ client base. 

 “Evans offers an exciting opportunity for Cornerstone to strengthen and expand its service offering in financial service and insurance advice to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area” explains Mitchell, founder and CEO of Cornerstone. “With our continued affiliation with Raymond James, our industry experience of offering investment and financial planning advice and our range of clients along the Ohio River and beyond, the acquisition of Evans supports the Cornerstone mission goal to be the premier financial consulting group in our region, establishing a professional reputation as a highly reliable resource for sound financial advice; helping clients maximize INCOME, grow assets for LIFESTYLE and sustain assets for their LEGACY”.

More information about Cornerstone can be found at the company website: http://www.Cornerstone2Retire.com 


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