Ian Rosenfield

CEO, Elevon Wealth Management
Financial Advisor, RJFS

Delivering The Deserve Formula

I have spent my entire career striving to bridge the gap that often exists between the investment experience clients are getting and what I believe all clients deserve in working with a truly comprehensive and personalized wealth management practice. Our focus at Elevon is to have in place the process, systems, and infrastructure to help assure that all clients receive what they deserve to receive in working with a true advisor. For us, this includes a detailed understanding of each client's situation so that we can develop a truly personalized and comprehensive financial plan analyzing all aspects of a client's situation, disciplined and effective asset management, regular communication so that we can stay updated with the changes in your life and you can stay connected to the performance of your accounts without having to worry about it in between meetings, and a qualified and committed team of professionals to assist in answering any financial questions that may arise.

Our goal is to take each part of the conversation to the "next level". What is truly important to you and your family? What is the end game? What are you looking to do with your time on this planet? Are you doing what you really want to be doing? If not, why? Let's look deeply at each of these issues and how to use your assets as a tool to arrive at the ultimate destination of your life.

Prior to entering the financial services industry, as the National Director of Quality Control for my family's restaurant business, California Pizza Kitchen, I developed, implemented, and ran Quality Control during our highest growth era, increasing the number of restaurants from 30 to 100 and revenues from $100mm to $400mm in three years, helping to build a national brand that went public in 2001. My job was to make sure that the quality that made us famous was never sacrificed due to our growth. Today, that is my same commitment to our clients, to help make sure that each client receives the investment experience that all clients deserve in working with a true wealth management practice.


  • Graduate of the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
  • Lives in Mill Valley with his wife and two boys
  • Founding Chairman and active Board Member of the Pacific Northwest Region UNICEF USA

When I got into this business in 2001, I learned first hand that the advice I felt every person deserved was not commonly available to the average investor. 

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