Michael Rossi

Chief Operating Officer, Elevon Wealth Management
Financial Advisor, RJFS

Implementing the vision

I am combining my 15 years of experience, developing scalable and repeatable solutions in an emerging telecommunication niche market with the practices deployed at Elevon to help successfully support our growing base of clients and advisor partnerships.

I focus on developing business systems, defining processes, refining our service deliverables and allocating resources to help effectively deliver on our commitment to elevate the client experience by applying the Deserve Formula.


  • Prior to entering the financial services industry, he was responsible for the nationwide expansion of a telecommunications service provider, opening offices in 15 major markets, increasing the workforce by 100 employees, growing revenues by $50mm, while exceeding margin projections.
  • He enjoys participating in or watching any sports where a ball is involved.
  • He lives in Danville, California with his wife and two boys.

Thomas Edison said, “vision without execution is hallucination.” I have had the pleasure of working with skilled teams throughout my career to execute on the vision of great leadership.