Auto-Features and Education Can Increase DC Plan Participation 

Abstract: There are several reasons employees may not participate in their employer-sponsored retirement plans, but plan design features and the right education can help give them a push. Sponsor: PlanSponsor

401k and Retirement Plan Limits for the Tax Year 2017

Abstract: The Internal Revenue Service announced cost of living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items for tax year 2017. Sponsor: 401khelpcenter

Small Businesses Buy Into Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Design

Abstract: However, only 8.71% of plans automatically enroll employees that fail to make an affirmative enrollment election, an analysis finds. Sponsor: PlanSponsor

Things That Won't Help a Retirement Plan Sponsor Limit Their Liability

Abstract: When it comes to retirement plans, plan sponsors think that there are certain services or products will limit their liability and it turns out not to be true. This article is about those things that will not limit the liability of plan sponsors. Source:

A Review of How the Fiduciary Rule Could Affect Retirement Plan Sponsors

The fiduciary rule has shaken up the advisory space, but plan sponsors also need to know what’s in the rule and make plans for how it could affect them. Sponsor: PlanSponsor

Retirement Savings May Take a Back Seat in 2017 

Abstract: Major anxiety over lack of savings, and other financial obligations may take precedent over retirement savings, a survey suggests. Sponsor: PlanSponsor

Certain 401k Plan Design Features Hinder Retirement Outcomes 

Abstract: The GAO suggests regulators re-evaluate eligibility age requirements, vesting policies and whether to allow plan sponsors to require employment on the last day of the year to receive company match. Source:

Retirement Plan Participants Not Paying Enough Attention to Accounts 

Abstract: A significant majority of respondents to a Voya survey (80%) said they had not taken the time to review or revise their retirement plan within the past year. Sponsor: PlanSponsor

Both the DOL and IRS Are Stepping Up Their Audits 

Abstract: Industry experts share red flags and focuses of DOL and IRS scrutiny of retirement plans. Sponsor: PlanSponsor

ERISA Advisory Council Makes Recommendations on Cyber Security 

Abstract: The ERISA Advisory Council on Nov. 10 issued recommendations on actions the DOL can take regarding cyber security and making workplace retirement accounts more secure. Source:

Is Your Plan Auditor Making the Grade? Five Ways to Get a Better Audit 

Abstract: The bulk of 5500 filings and related audits are over. Now, when the experience is fresh in your mind, is the best time to evaluate whether your audit was up to snuff, because the consequences of having a bad auditor are about to go up. Source:

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