Eric Becker
Eric Becker Financial Advisor

Eric feels extremely fortunate to be in a position to help people develop financial strategies that allow them to pursue their passions earlier in life. Aspirations and dreams change over time, and he has made it his mission to thoughtfully craft strategies that give his clients the confidence to pursue their dreams sooner, enabling them to recapture their zest for life. The traditional idea of retirement is no longer a linear experience, and Eric strongly believes it’s his responsibility to recognize and adapt to the desires of those who seek their own unique paths.

When not helping clients dream about their futures, Eric spends every possible moment with his wife, Melissa, and daughter, Dakota. He is incredibly driven to show Dakota that combining something you’re truly passionate about with a strong work ethic and unwavering moral standards will elicit a happiness in her life that will leave a lasting impact on many people.

Although Dakota is still young, Eric thinks she’ll either be a dentist or a lion tamer.  Either way, it looks like she’ll be wearing a tutu and a tiara.