Natacha Myers

Client Services Associate
Liason to the CEO - F360

Natacha joined Financial-360 in September 2018 as the Liaison to the CEO. Before joining Financial-360, she spent 18 years as an office manager and teacher with a non-profit organization in Potomac, Maryland. Prior to that, she spent eight years in advertising and sales, conducting surveys and data analysis. In addition, Natacha has extensive experience planning corporate, private and volunteer events.

Natacha reports directly to our CEO and provides executive support. Natacha is Joshua's main point of contact.

Natacha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing for the University of Maryland. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii she was raised in a military family, having lived predominantly overseas in Germany, Ethiopia, Iran and Belgium. Natacha is a fluent French speaker and currently lives in Potomac, Maryland with her husband Larry. They have two grown children, a son Kameron and a daughter Chloe. She is a creative artist and loves to travel, but her number one passion is people and serving others.

Contact Natacha at (301) 476-6900, or