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Becky Blair
Senior Operations Administrator

Clients can rely on Becky for exceptional customer service and strict attention to detail when it comes to their accounts and inquiries. And even though she is detail oriented, her warm, friendly personality ensures they will be treated like part of the family. Her administrative endeavors also help keep the office running smoothly.

Becky joined Raymond James in 2016 after serving as a branch office administrator and financial advisor at Edward Jones. Prior to that, she worked at American Funds/Capital Group as a senior shareholder account representative and recruiting associate.

Becky Blair

If anybody knows me today, they might find it hard to believe that I was painfully shy as a child and teenager. One thing that helped me overcome my shyness was my mother’s lesson of doing your best at everything you do, and that even though you may fall short, at least you know you did all you could. I think that knowing I was always doing my best played an important role in developing self-assuredness in my life.

Family is important to me and mine is originally from Ireland. My father had the good fortune to visit the country when he served in the military. He used to tell me how beautiful it was, which created a desire in me to visit someday. Which is why if I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be there.

I count my two beautiful children as my greatest accomplishment in life, and they have been such a blessing to me. And if I could spend a perfect weekend day, it would be hanging out with my family, playing cards and cooking.

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