Our process is built around individuals

Our process is designed to build your confidence in us as a team since we will work together to help you pursue your goals for the future. We believe that transparency and open communication are the best ways to build solid, lasting relationships. That is why our process helps ensure you know and understand our sincere desire to stay in touch with you concerning all matters related to your financial success.

Keeping us connected with you

Our distinctive operating model uses client relationship managers – Shadia Haddad and Alexandra Eichler – who provide clear, consistent communication with each and every client through multiple check-ins throughout the year. Your client relationship manager will communicate directly and proactively with you, as well as be available for your calls.

Our sales associates will also play an important role in serving you. With more than 75 years of combined experience, they are adept in all areas of account administration. From the account opening process to helping you when you need access to your funds, you can rely on them for prompt, reliable service throughout your relationship with us.

Since our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of our actions on your behalf, you can always expect prompt communication from all members of our team each step of the way - including proactive calls and communications you will receive directly from Kyle. It's a multidimensional approach to service that we feel is the best way to make sure all your investment objectives are identified and accounted for.

Keeping you on track to your unique goals

Some financial advisors believe that clients can be served through program templates or simple models. We believe, however, that our clients have unique sets of individual goals, values and preferences that require a bespoke, custom-tailored approach. We will learn about your goals, values, current financial situation, tolerance for risk, and how much money you’re able to save in order to create your custom-tailored investment plan. Once implemented, we will monitor the progress of your plan together and collaborate with you and your family as you pursue your goals. To keep you up to date and informed, your client relationship manager, as well as Kyle, will communicate any changes that may be deemed necessary throughout the year, and we'll rely on you to tell us about any changes in your life that may impact your plan. We also look forward to developing relationships with, and working alongside, your other trusted advisors, such as your CPA or attorney, to help ensure we regard your situation from every angle.