Kassidy Ferguson

Investment Professional, RJFS

Growing up in the ranching business and still being active in that business today, has driven Kassidy’s passion for this career. She knows as well as the next person that sometimes the hard work we put in isn’t always reflected by the amount of our paycheck. Money is a sensitive subject for most and the turmoil and stress surrounding financial instability is a reality for far too many and that is exactly what Kassidy is here to help with.

While newer to the financial industry, Kassidy’s Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from Black Hills State University and her time as a full-time rancher has given her a deep understanding of the value of money. Combined with her passion to help others, she is ready build relationships and help people understand their goals, come up with a financial plan and implement that plan so they can be more financially stable in the future. Whether that be with helping save for their child’s college years, planning for retirement, saving for a dream home, the list is endless. Over the last couple of years, she has been studying and working hands on with different types of investment accounts, keeping up-to-date on changing laws and completing continuing education. This allows her to help clients to her fullest ability in a constantly changing world.