G&R Family Wealth Management

Our FIT meeting can determine if we arethe right fit for one another

The FIT meeting is an opportunity for both the prospective client and the G&R team to see if they are “the right fit” for one another. Having a mutually compatible client-advisor relationship is beneficial to both parties. In such a case, the capabilities of our team will align well with the needs, goals and expectations of the client.

What should a prospective client be prepared to discuss and learn during the G&R FIT meeting?

The G&R team will want to learn:

  • Your financial status
  • Your investment experience
  • Your expectations of the G&R team
  • Do you value our process, expertise and experience?
  • Your investment and planning objectives

The prospective client will want to learn:

  • The G&R team expertise, experience and process
  • The 6-step financial planning process
  • The G&R team service model
  • The client fee structure
  • The expectations that the G&R team has of its clientele
  • The outside professional relationships the G&R team can leverage to enhance your overall financial wealth status

No decisions by either party to enter into a professional relationship will be made on the day of the FIT meeting.  We believe a minimum of three days is necessary to consider and reflect on all of the different relationship variables.