Among Heroes: A US Navy Seal's True Story of Friendship, Heroism and The Ultimate Sacrifice

I really enjoyed this book and the individual stories of who these men were. There are few individuals in this world who feel a strong calling to put themselves in harm's way to protect our way of life. If you read the books or saw the movies, American Sniper, Lone Survivor or 13 Hours then some of these names will sound familiar.

Adirondack High Peaks

Here are a few pictures of a trip with my son (AJ). We hiked four Peaks in the Adirondacks over Memorial Day weekend. All four were over 4,000 feet and we hiked these four peaks over 3 days. We had great weather and started our quest to become 46ers: Adirondack High Peaks

Pic 1

Summit of Wright Peak

Pic 2

Summit of Cascade

Pic 3

Summit of Porter

Pic 4

Summit of Porter