If you are the one who is charged with caring for your organization’s assets, you can rely on us to take an investment approach that is prudent, conservative and designed to cautiously manage wealth while working to preserve assets. We are able to work with banks, thrifts, non-profits, foundations and public organizations, including school boards and county/parish clerks of the court.

We can help you with fixed income management for your organization by structuring a customized portfolio to help meet your specific income or liquidity needs, all according to existing regulation. Our experience, however, also includes equity portfolio management.

If your institution is a bank or thrift, it’s important to know that we specialize in credit and securities analysis of fixed income portfolios. This can help you minimize credit risk and enable compliance with recent regulation regarding classification of assets and appraisal of securities. We also work within established regulations and within your organization’s investment policy in order to design the best portfolio for your needs.

In all, we are well prepared to assist your organization with investment guidance and strategic planning, and are happy to collaborate with your directors, board members and other professional advisors such as your trustees, attorney and CPA.

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