Joe Rice Bio Image
Joseph C. Rice, CPFA™ Wealth Manager

Joe is passionate about being a trusted financial partner to his clients, one who they can confide in and seek advice, knowing that he has their best interest at heart.

As a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor™, Joe also works with company retirement plans regarding their Employee Retirement Income Security Act plan investment management and fiduciary responsibilities.

Before joining Helius Wealth Management in February 2023, Joe was a financial planner at Heritage Financial Consultants and a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. Previously in his career, he was president of Kudda, a resource center for coaches of youth. Earlier, he was a teacher at McDonogh School, a private college preparatory school in Maryland.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Delaware, and a master’s degree in secondary education and teaching from Loyola College. A fun fact: he is also a graduate of the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

Joe previously lived in Baltimore for 35 years and now resides in Jupiter, Florida, with his wife, Tammy. They have three children, Kyle, MaryJoe and Annie. In his free time, you can often find Joe on the golf course working on his game.

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