Carol L. Iannessa

Financial Consultant

Carol Iannessa is an Investment Advisor with the Heritage Wealth Management Group, LL, and a managing member of Heritage Wealth Management Group. She started in the business 25 years ago, working with young individuals who were getting married, buying homes, having children and growing professionally in their careers. As her clients’ needs changed and matured, so did Carol’s knowledge and experience. Nowadays, clients are asking for Carol’s assistance to prepare for retirement and generate income to live on from investments, and she’s happy to help.

As a first generation American, Carol takes pride in the values of hard work and honesty she learned from her Italian immigrant parents. And while she works with many people, Carol feels especially compelled to help the older generation, which struggle to keep up with complicated financial products. Carol understands what they are going through since she herself went through a steep learning curve when her mother was widowed.

When Carol was 21, her father died suddenly after working for 40 years as a car inspector for the Conway railroad system. Her mother, Antonietta, was suddenly faced with many financial decisions, and was completely unprepared to make them. She relied on her daughter, still in college, for help. That experience led Carol to focus her education and experience on the financial services industry, ultimately helping not just her mother but many other people with financial guidance. Prior to her Mom’s passing, Carol spent five years caring for her in the same house where Carol grew up and still resides today.

In her work with business executives and companies in Western Pennsylvania, Carol focuses on creating financial plans for individuals and retirement plans for businesses. Her approach is to provide solutions to their unique individual circumstances. Whether putting on seminars for participants to understand the unique features and benefits of their retirement plan, or meeting with employees to discuss their individual circumstances, Carol and her team seek to make the financial process less complicated.

Carol joined the Commonwealth Financial Network in February of 2000, as an Investment Advisor Representative, left briefly, and returned to Commonwealth in 2009. Prior to Commonwealth, she was a financial consultant with Prudential and Mass Mutual Insurance companies, and holds both her financial and insurance licenses. She is an alumna of the University of Pittsburgh, College of General Studies Business Program.

Outside the office, Carol is an instructor for her own weight training to music program, called Get RIP’D with Carol aka Body Pump, and teaches in Hopewell Township. She enjoys spending free time with family, including her twin sister, Cindy, a nurse at Allegheny General Hospital. They joke that helping to take care of others runs in the family! A devoted aunt, Carol is close to her nieces Marlynn (17) and Mackenzie (15), and nephew Nico (14), and enjoys going to their many sports and extracurricular activities. Carol also has an older brother, Vince, and a sister, Gemma.

And finally, Carol just cannot start her day without a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the drive to the office!