Sandwich Generation by the Numbers INFOGRAPHIC

Sandwich Generation by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • 04.15.18
  • Lifestyle & Personal
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On average, these hardworking caregivers spend 25 hours per week assisting their loved ones.

When it comes to the “Sandwich Generation,” much has changed since the phrase was coined by Dorothy Miller in 1981. Back then, it was mostly women in their 30s and 40s who were serving as caregivers for both young children and aging parents. But today, both genders are sandwiched and the age range is from 40 to 59.

One reason this role is getting harder is more and more people are living longer and more likely to experience aging related health issues that may require extra care. So for anyone stuck in the balancing act, a simple question arises. While you’re caring for your loved ones, who’s caring for you? Consider these tips:

Ask for help: You might be surprised how willing your family and friends are to lend a hand. Even assistance with simple tasks like errands, housework and food prep can provide needed relief.

Be good to your body: The more pressure, the more important it is to nourish your body. Avoid junk food, and curtail alcohol and caffeine. Sneak as much sleep as you can. This will help reduce stress, anger and frustration.

Remember your mind: Prayer, meditation or quiet reflection can help you get through challenging days. Turn to online resources, libraries, therapists or a place of worship for resources to help you achieve balance and calm.

Talk to your financial advisor: Before making a significant contribution to your loved one’s care, discuss financial strategies for navigating your caregiving role. There might even be available assistance for you and your family.

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