• We have a single clear purpose –
    your whole future

    In Latin, integrē means honestly and wholly. It's the root of weighty words like integrity, integrate and integral. It describes completeness, balance and clarity. A wider vision than the daily ruminations of the financial markets. And it lies at th e heart of our wealth management philosophy.

    At Integrē Wealth Management of Raymond James, we put our name into practice with an approach to wealth planning and portfolio strategy centered on wholeness – we apply the entirety of decades of investment experience to the complete picture of your financial life in order to help you achieve all that is most important to you.

    Whether we are guiding you through today's complex financial markets, developing sophisticated financial plans or building lasting relationships with the executives, individuals and families we serve, our team strives to live up to the meaning of our name and plan for your success wholly and honestly.

  • Integrity

    For us to serve our clients effectively, they must have confidence in both our professional knowledge and our personal integrity. In every interaction, we work to earn that confidence.


    Personal values, tolerance for risk, family structure and dynamics, plans for the future … we integrate all these factors into each client's personalized wealth management strategy.


    Open, two-way communication is integral to the advisor-client relationship. We are always available to address clients' needs, from technical investment details to concerns about outliving their resources.