Luxana Latham Bio Image
Luxana Latham Sr. Client Service Associate

Luxana Latham joined the Invera Wealth Advisors team at Raymond James as a Sr. Client Service Associate in June 2021. With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Luxana knows that listening to clients and collaborating with her team makes for long-term fulfilling relationships. Her previous experience as a Compliance and Registration associate earned her several Excellence in Service Awards. Her work as Assistant Service Manager for a Mutual Fund company supporting non-profit retirement accounts makes her a great fit for Invera Wealth Advisors. She is looking forward to working firsthand with private clients and being part of a successful team that ensures the long term financial goals of their clients.

Luxana holds a Humanities Degree from UC Berkeley and enjoys languages and travel. She speaks Spanish and French, which she studied while in France after graduating from CAL. Luxana lives with her teenage son Aidan and their cat Cinnamon, enjoys art films, music and travel and recently, birdwatching alongside her son in her local Benicia town. She is looking forward to her son’s upcoming senior year and graduation.