Future Activity is now Pending Activity

The information historically displayed on the Future Activity tab on the Portfolio page has moved under Pending Activity on the Activity tab. The information displayed, commonly upcoming interest and dividend payments, has not changed. Now you can see both your pending and posted activity on one page.

Merge multiple statements into one document

You can now merge multiple statements into one document by using the Merge Documents feature. On the Statements tab, click the Merge Documents link, select the statements you’d like to merge, then click the Merge & Download button.

Enhanced Authentication

With Enhanced Authentication, you’ll receive a secure login code via text message or voice call for added protection when you sign in. Enhanced Authentication can be enabled on the Account Services tab. Once there, click on the Password & Security section, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the Enable button and hit save.

Stock Watchlist

You now have the ability to add equities and mutual funds to a “watchlist” so you can quickly see current prices and recent market movements. Simply click the Preferences button to start adding equities and mutual funds. You can add by symbol or use the keyword search option as pictured below.

Account grouping: View your accounts your way

In response to your feedback, we recently added the ability for you to group your accounts according to your preferences.

On the account summary screen, the default selection will group your accounts into assets and liabilities. After logging in, you may update this to reflect account groupings that make sense to you – whether that's separating your retirement nest egg from your spending accounts, or grouping different family members' accounts to get a better view into each individual's finances.

To change account groupings, simply click the gear icon above the Account Summary table. Then, you can drag and drop accounts into various groups as desired.