Mel Kieffer

Branch Operations Specialist

I was born in Florissant, MO, but raised in Warrenton, MO which is ~45 miles west of St. Louis. A few short years after high school, I married the love of my life, Cody, who also attended the same high school. As a military spouse of an Active-Duty Special Operations Soldier, we have called many places our home. Through four combat deployments totaling 36 months and numerous training events which called Cody away from our home; I have learned the importance of community. Cody and I realized how beneficial the church and military communities were to our family and vowed to always return our service, time and gifts when we were able. As a result, I have served as a worship leader in several churches across our varying hometowns, led a military wives life group and I am a previous member of Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC).

My commitment to continue community outreach led me to my professional employment within the financial Industry in 2020 with a local, veteran-owned startup company. With a community first mission, owned by three Active-Duty Special Forces Senior Leaders, I was entrusted, and relied upon, to keep operations running effectively while ensuring the security of their assets during their unpredictable absences. This responsibility and autonomy granted me a firsthand understanding of the owners sacrifice and embedded within me a passion for financial service. As they supported my desire to learn more in the financial service industry, I began my quest to seek out a financial advisor firm. I was blessed to find Jared O’Neal with Raymond James & Associates. Being a part of his team has exceeded all my expectations as not only does he offer a selfless dedication and a sense of community upon to his clients, but to me and my family as well. He has welcomed me with open arms and has continuously poured out his years of experience with me all while supporting my desire to finish my Degree, Bachelor of Science in Finance with an Emphasis in Financial Planning. Simply put, Jared O’Neal with Raymond James & Associates is a family away from home. Together we help others preserve and grow what his clients have worked so hard to earn.

My husband, Cody, and I have been married for close to 20 years and during our time together we have been blessed with 4 children. We have two girls, Alliya and Amery, and two boys, Kayden and Easton; we like to think there’s a nice balance to our household, even if we are outnumbered by the kids. After being stationed in Alaska, North Carolina and Missouri, we have been stationed in the Destin area for almost 7 years, our longest stay in one place to date. Living in so many places has indirectly allowed us to build a network of friends, family, resources and communities that spans across the Nation and even outside its borders. As my husband closes in on retiring as a Special Forces Warrant Officer in the U.S Army, we plan to call the Emerald Coast our permanent home. 

My family and I enjoy spending as much time together as we can. Being apart for deployments, schooling and training events has taught us that our time together is our most valuable asset. We like to attend Crosspoint United Methodist Church and support the community events. Spending time on the Emerald Coast is a weekend favorite for us all. We enjoy hiking the trails behind our home with our 2 German shepherds or climbing a new mountain on summer vacations. Visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, FL to explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as our children love exploring the magic. Finding a new restaurant or eating at a well-loved favorite never goes out of style with us. Regardless, if we are climbing, swimming, eating, or watching a movie; if we are all together, we are happy.

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