Take Control of Your Legacy in One Simple Step

If something were to happen to you, would your loved ones know where to find the essential information to take care of your well-being or estate needs?Legacy Key

Locating these important materials can be an overwhelming task during an emotional and chaotic time, with documents often misplaced, lost, or simply being unaware of their importance.

That is why I developed the Legacy Key – an easy to implement, complimentary service that alleviates these unnecessary pressures from your relatives during the times they need to be focused on you, not paperwork.

The Legacy Key is a flash drive that contains imperative information such as contact information for your doctors, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents, and copies of papers and other accounts related to your estate.

Take control of your legacy and show your loved ones that you care. To request more information on the free Legacy Key program and receive a free report on “How to create a family mission statement that insures your legacy”.


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