• Mike Jepson, CMT

    First Vice President, Investments

I am a Financial Advisor with Raymond James. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, I help individuals, families, and business owners determine and prioritize their goals, formulate plans and investment strategies for achieving those goals, and execute the disciplined investment strategies. 

As an educated professional working with an industry-leading financial services company, I have a significant advantage over hobbyists. I have both technical and fundamental tools and resources at my fingertips. My company has a staff of analysts that provide ongoing research, insight, and observations. I can call on these people for more information when needed. I also have access to analysts and portfolio managers from other investment management companies. I am equipped with access, insights, and exposures that non-professionals cannot obtain. Personally, I have earned the designation of Chartered Market Technician, which requires highly-specialized training in the analysis of financial markets, and can use those vast amounts of resources efficiently and effectively. In addition, many in my office are experienced financial professionals. I can utilize their expertise at any time. 

I offer an educated, experienced, and intelligent approach to planning and investment management. I have the advantage of having worked with hundreds of clients in a full range of market conditions. I have observed a variety of attitudes and personalities in a multitude of situations. I have clients who have been with me for many years because we have developed strong relationships based upon trust and mutual respect. Open communication has also been vital in the creation and progression of strong, enduring relationships. I deeply value these relationships, and many clients have become dear friends. After all, financial advising is a service-based industry, and it is the people I serve and the relationships that I have built that motivate me to succeed professionally.