Henderson TX Animal Shelter Sponsorship Program

To visit the Henderson TX Animal Shelter Facebook Page click the hyperlink below:


Do you love animals, but you don’t have time or the room for them? There are several good homes needing a pet just as much as the pet needs a good home. You can Sponsor a cat for $45 and a dog for $55, which will pay for the animal to be adopted for $10 to a good and loving home. This program has helped several of our furry friends to find wonderful forever homes.

Dogs= You Pay $55.00 => NEW OWNER ONLY PAYS $10.00
Cats= You Pay $45.00 => NEW OWNER ONLY PAYS $10.00


For more information about any pet at the animal shelter please call 903-657-7651 and speak to a member of the staff. This Shelter operates partially on donations and in 2015 they were able to purchase another facility, which has been renovated by the shelter’s administrative supervisor, Brian Bathke and local trustees. They moved into the new facility at 1201 Highland Dr, Henderson TX in January 2016.

Debbie Cofield goes to the Shelter once or twice a week, on a volunteer basis, for new pictures of all the adoptable pets. These photos are posted to the Facebook page in an album so potential adopters, rescue organizations, and networkers can see what is currently available at the shelter, with a few being printed in the local newspaper. This has made it possible for rescue organizations as far away as Colorado, Canada, Massachusetts, and points in between, to arrange transport and pull pets from the shelter. The average number of lives saved each month has climbed from 40 to over 100 due to getting these pets before the public.

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