7 Questions to Ask Your Advisor...

  • Why did you get involved in financial planning?

  • What are your credentials and how do they benefit me?

  • Which services do you provide and what services do you specialize in?

  • What unique process do you follow to help me accomplish my goals?

  • What are your core beliefs and principals regarding wealth management?

  • How are you distinguished from others in your field?

  • What is your fee structure? How are you compensated?

I am always of the belief that is extremely valuable to get a second opinion from a qualified advisor when it comes to one’s finances. The reason I say this is simple, once we meet and review your current financial position, one of two things will occur…

1) I will be able to validate that what you are doing is suitable and efficient in all forms. If I am able to confirm this I will still feel like I served you.


2) You will learn something new from our discussion on what you may what to consider moving forward.

Either way you will walk away a better more informed investor.

Some questions I want you to consider asking yourself are the following:

  • I know I have a CPA completing my tax returns, but am I really minimizing my tax exposure in every single way?
  • How am I positioned today if the market has a downturn and pulls back tomorrow?
  • What questions am I asking my advisor to know if he is really best suited for myself and my family’s needs?
  • How have I planned for all of life’s unexpected turns?

Raymond James does not offer tax advice or services. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.