Jordan Niefeld bio image

I am extremely passionate about helping families, business owners, and individuals achieve financial confidence with proper financial planning and tax efficient strategies designed to achieve their overall life goals. I truly do awake every day with a goal of challenging myself to provide the best advice and financial direction for all my clients. I am in the business I am in to make a difference for YOU.

I believe two things to be almost universally true: One, that it is almost impossible to be unemotional about our own finances. The second is that it is our direction and planning, not just our intention, that ultimately determines our destination in any arena of life. I serve my clients in helping them to objectively assess where they are actually headed financially, and how that relates to efficient investment and tax planning for their families goals and dreams.

I love what I do and hope I can bring the added value to your financial objectives and life dreams whatever they may be. I am here to work together to achieve just that. Join me.

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