Having a clear direction for pursuing and achieving your objectives is best achieved by creating a financial plan tailored to your individual situation.

Our process allows us to address your needs and identify relevant strategies for making progress. The steps we take include collaborating with you, our team and other professional advisors such as your accountant and lawyer, as needed.

Understand and Connect

In our initial meeting, we listen and gain an understanding of your unique situation. Our purpose is to build a personal advisor-client connection and set realistic expectations for our relationship. The more we discover about you and your life situation, the better we can help you achieve your goals, as well as fulfill your immediate needs. 

Design and Simplify

We use the Financial Inventory Worksheet to gather data needed for Cash Flow analysis, as well as Balance Sheet (Net Worth) statement and review.  Determining risk tolerance is also part of this step.

Once we understand your unique situation, we match your goals to your available resources. This is the time to consider your desired lifestyle and then design a financial portfolio to support that lifestyle. The simpler a plan we can design, the easier it will be to follow.

This step may involve working with other professionals or your existing advisors such as attorneys or CPAs. We make recommendations, offer alternatives, and ask you to make decisions to simplify and improve your financial affairs.


Once we agree on your plan, the next step is to gradually implement changes, where and when they make sense. At this time we will discuss capital markets, stocks, bonds and insurance products, and how these tools can help us to achieve your goals. We will create a well-thought-out investment plan that identifies your ability, willingness and need to take risk. We then integrate your financial plan with your estate plan, tax and risks tolerance, and evaluate insurance needs.

Monitor and Manage

We manage a process, not an event. Things change and so does your life. We pay attention to capital markets and stay connected with you, instilling a discipline to stay the course. When changes are needed, we offer options, and together select a best course of action, rebalancing along the way. We monitor the markets and your portfolio, and stay connected with you regularly.

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