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Corpus Christi is America’s “birdiest” city, with more individual species of birds than any other in the U.S. While you watch the birds, we’ll be watching over your investments.

We believe that timely and insightful information can increase investor confidence and understanding. We’ve compiled resources we think you’ll find valuable to help you grow your financial knowledge, and included checklists, worksheets and calculators we think you’ll find useful. Check back often for regular updates. As always, if there is anything else you ever need, feel free to let us know.

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Many of today's retirees can expect to spend 30 years or more enjoying the fruits of their labor. That's why it's increasingly important not simply to plan for retirement, but to plan for longevity in retirement - all of the years it might last, all of the ways your life will change and all of the events you can't foresee.

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